School Fee Policy

Admission Policy

At Dashmesh Public School, we believe in transparency and clear communication regarding our fee structure and payment policies. Our school fee policy aims to provide parents and guardians with a comprehensive understanding of the fees and related procedures. The following are key aspects of our school fee policy:

Fee Structure: Our fee structure is designed to cover various educational expenses, including tuition fees, activity fees, and other charges. It is communicated to parents during the admission process and is subject to periodic review and approval.

Payment Schedule: The school fee is payable on a term or semester basis, as specified in the fee structure. We provide parents with a detailed payment schedule to facilitate timely fee payments.

Mode of Payment: We offer multiple modes of payment for the convenience of parents, including online payment, bank transfer, and in-person payment at the school office.

Late Payment Policy: Timely fee payment is essential to maintain the smooth functioning of the school. Parents are encouraged to adhere to the payment schedule. In case of late payment, a nominal late fee may be applicable.

Fee Refund Policy: Our fee refund policy outlines the conditions under which a refund of fees may be applicable, such as withdrawal from the school before the commencement of the academic year.

Fee Concession/Scholarship: We may offer fee concessions or scholarships to deserving students based on merit or financial need. Such concessions are subject to specific eligibility criteria and approval.

Fee Collection and Receipts: All fee collections are managed transparently, and parents are provided with official receipts for every payment made.

Fee Transparency: We ensure complete transparency in our fee breakdown, providing parents with a detailed account of the expenses covered by the fee.

Fee Review: Any changes to the fee structure are communicated well in advance, and parents have the opportunity to seek clarification or raise concerns through appropriate channels.

Communication and Support: Our school administration is available to address any fee-related queries or concerns parents may have. We encourage open communication and partnership with parents throughout the fee payment process.

We understand the importance of investing in quality education for the future of our students. Our fee policy is designed to strike a balance between providing a high-quality educational experience and ensuring accessibility and affordability for our school community.