Leave Policy

Admission Policy

At Dashmesh Public School, we understand the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance for our staff members. Our leave policy is designed to provide reasonable time off while ensuring the smooth functioning of the school. The following are key aspects of our leave policy:

Types of Leaves: Our leave policy includes various types of leaves, such as annual leave, sick leave, personal leave, and compassionate leave.

Annual Leave: All staff members are entitled to a certain number of days of annual leave, which can be availed with prior approval from the respective department head or supervisor.

Sick Leave: Staff members may avail of sick leave when they are unwell and unable to perform their duties. Proper medical documentation may be required for extended sick leave.

Personal Leave: Personal leave can be used for personal emergencies or other personal reasons, subject to approval and the availability of leave balance.

Compassionate Leave: Staff members may be granted compassionate leave in case of a family bereavement or other critical situations, with appropriate approval.

Leave Application: All leave requests must be submitted in advance through the designated leave application process. Adequate notice is essential, especially for annual leave or planned absences.

Approval Process: Leave requests are reviewed by the respective department head or supervisor. The school management reserves the right to grant or deny leave based on the operational requirements of the school.

Accumulation of Leave: Unused leave days may or may not be carried forward to the next academic year, depending on the school’s policy.

Reporting Absence: In case of unexpected illness or emergencies, staff members must notify their department head or supervisor as early as possible on the day of absence.

Return to Work: Staff members must provide proper communication regarding their return to work after availing leave.

We encourage our staff members to prioritize their well-being and take advantage of their entitled leave days. By ensuring a healthy work-life balance, we believe our staff can perform at their best, contributing positively to the overall growth and success of our school.